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McGurk Stimuli Available on YouTube

See also Beauchamp:McGurkStimuli for an archive of the actual AVI and WAV files.

McGurk stimulus: Auditory "ba" + Visual "ga" --> AV "da"

McGurk stimulus: Auditory "pa" + Visual "ka" --> AV "ta"

Bearded guy:

Brain Rules Book:

German guy:

Sentence level McGurk guy:

BBC McGurk guy:

Curly-haired girl:

Shelves guy:

Brian Sawyer:

Blue and Yellow Stripe Guy:

Dk-haired Bearded guy:

Guy with Glasses - words:

When showed on a video projector (such as for giving a talk), some of Audrey's stimuli are very dark so that the mouth is invisible. To fix this, use iMovie to brighten the clips. The following parameters were used:

 156%/ 53%/ 57%/ 200%

Alternately, use the Auto button in iMovie. This sets the following

 Levels (left slider) = 0   Levels (Right slider) = 70%

The new stimuli we recorded were edited on Final Cut Pro, cut to 2 seconds in length with the onset of the sound at the mid-time point. They were exported as .mov files.