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Beauchamp Lab

Notes on the SR EyeLink Eye Tracker

The Beauchamp Lab has two SR Eyelink systems: an Eyelink (for MRI scanner use) and an Eyelink Plus (set up in the lab).

Here are notes on setting up the EyeLink Plus:

- connections:

  - laptop to camera via ethernet
  - laptop to display PC via ethernet (USB ethernet port)
  - illuminator to camera

Ethernet connections must be in place before Host Laptop is turned on.

Display PC needs to have IP address manually set to, and the subnet mask to

  - use any web browser to access files on Host Laptop by going to in address bar

To run an experiment, have the host PC (the laptop) on and have the EyeLink camera running before starting the experiment program, otherwise the program will time out.

Setting up for new monitor is simple: go to the settings on the Host PC, click the screen setup icon, and enter the measurements it asks for.

Starting the EyeLink Eyetracker System:

    1)	Turn on Display PC (the Mac)
    2)	Turn on Host PC (the laptop)
    3)	Select “Eyelink” operating system to initiate startup
    4)	Make sure lens cap is off of camera
    5)	On Mac, open Chrome, and go to the EyeLink bookmark
    6)	On the Mac start the experiment you want to run (should have Eye on white background as the logo)
     a.	E.g. GCWindow
    7)	Experiment program is now running
    8)	Have subject sit with chin on rest, with forehead against bubblewrap, and look forward.
    9)	Start calibration (shortcut is ‘c’) from Host PC
     a.	Hit enter when subject’s gaze is correct. The calibration will advance automatically.
               If it doesn’t, hit ‘a’ to toggle the auto calibrate trigger. Hitting ‘enter’ will accept a point manually.
     b.	If there is a problem with saturation of the image, click ‘autocontrast’ (‘a’ shortcut’)
   10)	After calibration, you can validate the calibration if desired (‘v’ shortcut)
   11)	Start recording the experiment (‘o’ shortcut)

Shutting down the Eyelink System:

    1)	Close the experiment (you can abort in the middle or save the data via a ‘save file’ UI popup if you complete it)
    2)	Click “Shutdown Host” to shutdown the Host PC
     a.	The Host PC will complete shutdown and prompt you to turn off the computer when complete
    3)	Recap the lens
    4)	Shut down the Mac (if desired)
Dongle is required to use the Experiment Builder or Data Viewer programs from EyeLink.