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   site:openwetware.org/wiki/Beauchamp ExperimentSheet
   site:openwetware.org/wiki/Beauchamp ExperimentSheet
% This file has to do before the experiment starts or before running the
The first step is to
% analysis. Original by Ping Sun.
% This file was created by Adam Burch to reflect slight changes to make our data
% processing slightly easier.
% Datafiles
S.fileName{1} = 'YARDatafile010';
S.fileName{2} = 'YARDatafile014';
S.fileName{3} = 'YARDatafile015';
% Labels of each channel.
% for left hemisphere
S.chanDesList = {'G1', 'G2', 'G3', 'G4', 'G5', 'G6', 'G7', 'G8', 'G9', 'G10', 'G11', 'G12', 'G13', 'G14', 'G15', 'G16', ...
                'G17', 'G18','G19', 'G20', 'G21', 'G22', 'G23', 'G24', 'G25','G26', 'G27', 'G28', 'G29', 'G30', 'G31',...
                'G32', 'LAIT1', 'LAIT2','LAIT3','LAIT4','LMIT1','LMIT2', 'LMIT3', 'LMIT4','LALT1',...
S.images = 18;
S.imageNames = {
S.kStimOn = 80;
S.kImageMin = 4096;  % (such as 4096 means presenting stimulus 0, and 4097 is for stimulus 1...)
S.kResponse_leftbutton = 128;
S.kResponse_rightbutton = 129;
S.startTime = 0; 
S.sampleTime = 1/S.Fs* 1000; %ms
S.trialTimeCourse = -1:1/S.Fs:4-(1 + 1/S.Fs);

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