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Chromatin remodelling factors in development and disease

CHD7 and CHD8 in cerebellar development and autism: We are using mouse and zebrafish models, as well as in vitro biochemical approaches in collaboration with Danny Reinberg (NYU) to elididate the functions of these factors in gene expression and neural development

Supported by the [1] Researchers: Graham Kenny, Carly Dyer, Nizam Kasah, Kimberley Riegman

Adult stem cell function: Both regulators of intracellular signalling (e.g. Spry1) and chromatin remodelling factors are important for normal adult stem cell function. We are investigating the roles of these factors in adult stem cells in the muscle (in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Brack (Harvard) and brain.

Supported by the BBSRC

Researchers: Kieran Jones, Nemanja Saric

Environmental epigenetics and autism: We are investigating the hypothesis that exposure to certain classes of environmental toxicants might predispose an individual to autism. Researcher: Nemanja Saric