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[http://openwetware.org/Basson:Sahrunizam_Kasah Nizam Kasah]  
[http://openwetware.org/Basson:Sahrunizam_Kasah Nizam Kasah]  
[http://openwetware.org/Basson:Danielle_Whittaker Dani Whittaker]
[http://openwetware.org/Basson:Nemanja_Saric Nemanja Saric]  
[http://openwetware.org/Basson:Nemanja_Saric Nemanja Saric]  

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Principal Investigator

Albert Basson albert.basson@kcl.ac.uk

Post-doctoral research associates

Graham Kenny graham.kenny@kcl.ac.uk

Postgraduate students

Kieran Jones kieran.jones@kcl.ac.uk

Nizam Kasah sahrunizam.kasah@kcl.ac.uk

Dani Whittaker dwhittaker@RVC.AC.UK

Nemanja Saric nemanja.saric@kcl.ac.uk

Research assistants

Kim Riegman kimberley.l.riegman@kcl.ac.uk

Lab alumni

Katrin Danielsen, MSc - PhD student, UCL

Subreena Simrick PhD - Post-doc, Imperial College London

Jennifer Gardiner PhD - Post-doc, The Institute of Cancer Research, Chester Beatty Laboratories, London jennifer.gardiner@icr.ac.uk

Yuichiro Yaguchi MD PhD - Clinical Fellow, Jikei School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan y.yaguchi@jikei.ac.jp

Mohi Ahmed PhD - Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City mohi.ahmed@mssm.edu