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Double Discovery Center Visit

Students from the Double Discovery Center visited and performed an experiment in Professor Banta's Laboratory in July 2012

Wegman Impressions

One of our undergraduates, Sara Chuang (BS '13) decided to do her best William Wegman impression using herself as the model as opposed to Weimaraners.

Current graduate student Tushar Patel, the transplanted Bostonian with his signature baseball hat, Order of the Engineer ring, and Reddit tab.
Current graduate student Kevin Dooley, with his usual ice bucket and legal pad, always gives a welcoming look to all who come with questions.
Lab alum Flora Felsovalyi (PhD '12) in her professional attire and ever-cheery disposition with a maelstrom of microcentrifuge tubes and tube racks surrounding her.
Lab alum Elliot Campbell (PhD '11) seen sporting his typical plaid shirt showing off his lifeblood that kept him going during his research.
Lab alum Oren Shur (PhD '12) with his favorite argyle and surrounded by his army of undergrads reduced to sharing 2 square feet of bench space.
Our fearless advisor, Dr. Scott Banta as seen in the Mudd Building Lobby doing his best impression of a graduate student from memory.

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