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Place your group members in alphabetical order by last name. Type in your topic, and then a short description of what you want to address. Please follow our example (group 7) if you need any help with wiki editing.

Group Members Topic Description
1 Jose Gutierrez
Abhishek Kashyap
Susannah Payne
Deepa Raghunathan
Sudhir Shenoy
Evironment/Water Not 100% of the plan yet
2 Bill Rodney
Andrew Horton
3 Jennifer Ge
Spoorthy Gudavalli
Stephanie Y. Orci
Isis Trenchard
Education/Literacy Creating a self-sustaining education system for developing countries
4 Athra Kaviani
Paul Rezvani
Pouya Feizpour
Kishore Khan
Matthew K. Hogan
6 Cristina Garcia
Clair Hollingsworth
Melizza Rodriguez
AIDS Healthcare Creating awareness about the need for generic AIDS medicines and developing affordable solutions for treating and preventing AIDS
7 Huda Abdul-Razzak
Jenny Nguyen
Randi Voss
Empowering Women Help women achieve financial autonomy through fair trade clothing company