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==Group Brainstorming Pages==
*[[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups/Group1|Group 1]]
*[[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups/Group2|Group 2]]
*[[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups/Group3|Group 3]]
*[[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups/Group4|Group 4]]
*[[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups/Group5|Group 5]]
*[[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups/Group6|Group 6]]
*[[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups/Group7|Group 7]]
Posted [[BME377T:Projects/Topics/Groups|here]].
==Topic Interests==

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Group Brainstorming Pages


Posted here.

Topic Interests

Name Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Abhishek Kashyap refugees and related problems slavery and caste system problems lack of clean water
Andrew Horton human rights (Haiti, US's Cuban policy, military takeovers) health (treatable diseases i.e. TB, AIDS, malaria) environment (conservation)
Angela Hsiao clean up and protect natural resources education for street/underprivileged kids food and health for the poor
Athra Kaviani public health child education literacy
Bill Rodney shelter hunger education
Clair Hollingsworth rural public health
Cristina Garcia pharmaceutical corporations ethics (medical research on the poor, production generic medicines) preventable diseases i.e. AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria (research, education) world hunger and poverty
Daphne Hao pollution control education and job opportunities for former criminals, drug users, etc. homeless kids, orphans, neglected children
Deepa Raghunathan water systems (purifying water supplies, providing drinking water) improving education (specifically literacy) mental health concerns of first generation immigrants in the U.S.
Isis Trenchard cleaning water/improving sanitation creating scientific infrastructure in developing countries (preventing "brain drain") helping education systems in developing countries
Jennifer Ge children's rights education China care: healthcare, education, care for orphans
Jessica Rodriguez homeless children or children with parents that can't care for them effectively second hand smoking pollution and its effect on health
Jose Gutierrez education environment
Kaitlin Goerner AIDS in Africa sex slave trade (children) in Thailand starvation
Kishore Khan ending global poverty children workers/abuse prevention helping kids get through college
Matt Hogan poverty social inequality health education
Melizza Rodriguez healthcare for the poor (medications for the poor)
Paul Rezvani poverty immigration energy
Pouya Feizpour poverty child slavery waste and recycling
Randi Voss stop trafficking in people (sex trade using children - esp. thailand) help women achieve financial autonomy through fair trade clothing company art opportunities for everyone (maybe in austin)
Spoorthy Gudavalli illiteracy among children in 3rd world countries women empowerment impoverished children
Stephanie Orci promoting education in at risk areas literacy for everyone (disabled, minorities) microinvesting (esp. for women)
Sudhir Shenoy unethical labor practices poverty education
Susannah Payne education (increasing access to literature) rural development environmental education (global sustainability)