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* Thinker Toys, Michael Michalko
* Thinker Toys, Michael Michalko
* Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher
* Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher
*[http://rgkcenter.utexas.edu/competition/ Social Innovations Competition]
*[http://www.filmyourissue.com/index.shtml Film Your Issue]
*[http://www.mediathatmattersfest.org/ Media that Matters Film Festival]
==Course Description==
==Course Description==

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BME377T course development scratch pad. Feel free to use this as a repository for ideas, notes, and resources.



  • Ira Flatow - inventions/creativity talk




  • The Myths of Innovation, Scott Berkun (suggested by Natalie Kuldell)
  • The Art of Innovation, Tom Kelley
  • The Ten Faces of Innovation, Tom Kelley
  • Thinker Toys, Michael Michalko
  • Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher


Course Description

Recruitment E-mail Draft

We are two BME students who envisioned a course very unlike our technical courses that would allow students to think outside of the box, increase opportunities for brainstorming with peers, and explore career options beyond graduate and medical school. With the help of Dr. Randi Voss, we have created Social Entrepreneurship and Engineering — a project-based course to help draw out and build up creativity, brainstorming, and team building skills towards social innovations.

During the semester, we will study a broad range of social concerns, examine success stories of individuals and groups who made a difference in their community, select an issue on which to concentrate, develop a creative strategy to raise awareness of that particular issue (i.e. film, advertisement, rally speech, etc.) and then attempt to “solve” this issue through whatever ways are relevant.

Although these goals may seem lofty, we believe that this is the best time to think big, to find others who are interested in similar goals, and to explore our potentials. Why wait until we graduate when we can start now?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead

Key phrases

  • students teaching students
  • thinking outside the box
  • developing creative process
  • contributing to society
    • thinking about others besides ourselves
  • bme more than just med school and grad school
    • other career options?


  • portfolio assessment/standard evaluation


  1. Creativity-Inspiration-Lateral Thinking
    • improv, Improv Encyclopedia
    • brainstorming activities
    • This I believe
      • 2-min Personal Intros (passions, hobbies, what do you like to read, music)
    • video clips
    • reading
    • multimedia
    • collages
    • artwork
  2. Social Issues
    • survey their interests
    • what makes people unhappy, etc.
    • what are the top five things you would like to change?
    • what disturbs you the most?
    • possible create groups based similar goals
  3. Story-telling (Advertisement)
    • telling the significance of the issue - improv activities, etc
    • Project: Film, rally speech, advertisement, poster, flyer, first chapter in book, brochure, website, interview, any communication method.
  4. Think Tank/Solution
    • Brainstorm solutions
    • Ten faces of innovation (Idea generator, feedback person, etc)
    • DISC model
    • Enneagram (9-types)
    • Proposal
      • General idea of what to do and how to implement
      • Research who to talk to
      • For competition
      • FYI (Film Your Issue)

Things to Research to fill in Structure

  • UT for REED collaboration
  • Sustainabible Development- student wants to take class, speakers (Mexico)
    • How to get poor (who people get into a bad situation)
    • Different model of mission work
  • Research everything, write down everything, compare notes
    • Come up with categories for schedule


  1. Ask students what they want to do with their lives
  2. Show typical eduation setting - textbooks, exams, GPA - which lead to 9-5 jobs (cubicles) whose purpose is just to earn a living, maintaining the status quo
  3. UT phrase - "What starts here changes the World"
  4. The reason we started this course - Social Entrepreneurship - to inspire creativity, innovation, to get us to think beyond ourselves, beyond grad and med school
  5. Because let's face it - there's a lot to do:
    • show clips/scenes of domestic and social concerns
    • trigger words: FAMINE, POVERTY, IGNORANCE, etc.
  6. Outline of the course (in scrapbook style)
    • Foster creativity
    • Examine social issues, success stories
    • Select issue and raise awareness, express its importance
    • Brainstorm and propose a solution
  7. After this course, maybe some of you will discover a new calling, some of you may continue to work with your peers outside the course and continue your projects, find a new company, start a new initiative, begin a movement, some of you will learn how to work well with others, but at the very least, this class will make you THINK
  8. And for that, there's no reason to wait until you graduate, who says we can't try to change the world now? Who says it can't be us? It always starts small, and it always starts with one person
    • fast clips of famous individuals who's made a difference
  9. End with Margaret Mead quote