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BME377T: Social Entrepreneurship & Engineering


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1a: Create Username on OWW

  1. Go to OWW front page
  2. Click on "join us" in the front page blurb
  3. Create a username, First M Last, First M. Last, or just First Last. You should receive a confirmation e-mail shortly.
  4. Click on your username and edit your profile.
  5. Link your username profile to the People page of our class website so that your name appears without underscores. Alphabetize yourselves by last name!
  6. Click PREVIEW to ensure you have done this correctly.
  7. Click SAVE to save your results before you exit the window.
  8. At this point, you should feel pretty curious about the wiki and should explore our class website and the OWW wiki. Remember to help your peers!

1b: Create 2-min Personal Intro

We are all students that attend UT studying BME. This is all given. But what do we NOT know about each other? This is your opportunity to show your peers what other interests (hobbies, talents, skills, jobs) you have with a 2-min personal introduction about yourself. In this assignment, you will:

  • Create a 3-slide power point presentation.
    • Slide 1: your first and last name in any font or graphical representation that pleases you.
    • Slide 2: first interest (i.e. I am a waiter at Outback) with some kind of graphic (picture/video clip of you in action).
    • Slide 3: second interest (i.e. I believe in recycling), again with some kind of graphic representation.

For your presentation, follow each topic with a short blurb about why you chose that interest (i.e. I love steak and potatoes, and I wanted to help everyone else love them, too! or I got fined for "messing with Texas" and quickly realized that I should rid my guilt of littering and start a recycling initiative on campus!).
This is your opportunity to share your interests and beliefs with the rest of the class. Seriously, we ARE interesting in other things about you besides school. Let's have fun!