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==2: Survey of Interests==
==2: Survey of Interests==
Assignment will go here.
# Copy [[BME377T:Assignments/Survey|this]] survey and post it on [[BME377T:Assignments/Survey/Filled|this]] page along with your answers.

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BME377T: Social Entrepreneurship & Engineering


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1: Create Username on OWW

  1. Go to OWW front page
  2. Click on "join us" in the front page blurb
  3. Create a username, First M Last, First M. Last, or just First Last. You should receive a confirmation e-mail shortly.
  4. Click on your username and edit your profile.
  5. Link your username profile to the People page of our class website so that your name appears without underscores. Alphabetize yourselves by last name!
  6. Click PREVIEW to ensure you have done this correctly.
  7. Click SAVE to save your results before you exit the window.
  8. At this point, you should feel pretty curious about the wiki and should explore our class website and the OWW wiki. Remember to help your peers!

2: Survey of Interests

  1. Copy this survey and post it on this page along with your answers.