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Name: Nicholas Sterkowitz
Open PCR machine engineer
Name: Dominic Ilardi
Open PCR machine engineer
Name: Alexandra Nazareno
Experimental Protocol Planner
Name: Amanda Sweig
Experimental Protocol Planner
Name: Taylor Deegan
Research and Development(s)


Thermal Cycler Engineering

Our re-design is based upon the Open PCR system originally designed by Josh Perfetto and Tito Jankowski.

System Design

Key Features




Supplied in PCR Kit Amount
PCR Machine 1
Fluorometer Box 1
Calf Thymus 0.5 mL
SYBR Green (diluted) 1.5 mL
Camera Stand 1
Glass Plates 2
Calibration DNA 0.5 mL
GoTaq Polymerase and Buffer Solution 10 mL
Small Test Tubes 25
Large Test Tubes 25

Supplied by User Amount
Smartphone Camera 1
Laptop 1
ImageJ Download 1
Power Supply 1
DNA Sample At least 3 samples

PCR Protocol

1. Using a micro-pipette, transfer 1.0-1.5 mL of desired DNA sample into at least three test tubes.

2. reagent solution

3. place tubes into holder in PCR machine

4. program cycles on OpenPCR

5. Run reaction

DNA Measurement Protocol

Research and Development

Background on Disease Markers

Primer Design