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(Thermal Cycler Engineering)
(Thermal Cycler Engineering)
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'''System Design'''<br>
'''System Design'''<br>
[[Image:Roof Assembly.png]]
[[Image:Roof Assembly small.png]]
[[Image:Plastic Body Final.png]]
[[Image:Plastic Body Final.png]]
[[Image:Plate with Button.png]]
[[Image:Plate with Button.png]]

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Name: Emily Thompson
Research & Development Scientist
Name: Vivian Benjes
Experimental Protocol Planner/ Data Analyst
Name: Frances Marrett
Experimental Protocol Planner
Name: Chris Glass
Open PCR Machine Engineer
Name: Ryan Frantz
Open PCR Machine Engineer
Name: Cenric Nigbur
Ghost/ TBD


Thermal Cycler Engineering

Our re-design is based upon the Open PCR system originally designed by Josh Perfetto and Tito Jankowski.

System Design

Roof Assembly small.png Plastic Body Final.png Plate with Button.png Power Cord Final.png 32 wells final.png

Key Features




Supplied in the Kit

Thermal Cycler for PCR reaction
Qiagen Fast Cycling PCR kit (50)
BioRad Real Time PCR Applications Guide

Supplied by User

Sterile gloves
Access to 120V electrical outlet
10 uL pipette
Eppendorf tube block

PCR Protocol

DNA Measurement Protocol

Research and Development

Background on Disease Markers
Alzheimer's disease, a form of dimentia in which brain function is lost gradually over time, is associated with the SNP rs121918396. The sequence associated with Alzheimer's is TAG, while a normal sequence is TGG.

Primer Design