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Name: Jorge Jimenez
Research Development Specialist
Name: Ricardo Robles
Research Development Specialist
Name: Jennifer Begin
Experimental Protocol Planner
Name: Finola Roy
Experimental Protocol Planner)
Name: Kevin Zenner
Open PCR Machine Engineer


Initial Machine Testing

The Original Design
(Add image of the full OpenPCR machine here, from the Week 3 exercise. Write a paragraph description for visitors who have no idea what this is)
Image of the Open PCR

Experimenting With the Connections

When the PCB board of the LCD screen was disconnected from the PCB circuit board the display output was turned off.

When the white wire connecting the 16 tube PCR block to the PCB circuit board ability to regulate the temperature of the PCR was lost.

Test Run

(Write the date you first tested Open PCR and your experience(s) with the machine)


Polymerase Chain Reaction

(Add your work from Week 3, Part 1 here)

Flourimeter Measurements

(Add your work from Week 3, Part 2 here)

Research and Development

Specific Cancer Marker Detection - The Underlying Technology

(Add a write-up of the information discussed in Week 3's class)

(BONUS points: Use a program like Powerpoint, Word, Illustrator, Microsoft Paint, etc. to illustrate how primers bind to the cancer DNA template, and how Taq polymerases amplify the DNA. Screen-captures from the OpenPCR tutorial might be useful. Be sure to credit the source if you borrow images.)


(Your group will add the results of your Fluorimeter measurements from Week 4 here)