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(Thermal Cycler Engineering)
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{| style="wikitable" width="700px"
{| style="wikitable" width="700px"
| [[Image:BME_103_PersonalPage.jpg|100px|thumb|Justin Landstrom Student<br>Protocol Planner]]
| [[Image:BME103student.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: James<br>Open PCR machine engineer]]
| [[Image:BME103student.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Student<br>Role(s)]]
| [[Image:BME103student.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Heidi Hall<br>Open PCR machine engineer]]
| [[Image:BME103student.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Student<br>Role(s)]]
| [[Image:BME_103_PersonalPage.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Justin Landstrom Student<br>Protocol Planner]]
| [[Image:BME103student.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Student<br>Role(s)]]
| [[Image:BME103student.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Chaio<br>Protocol Planner]]
| [[Image:XZEGG.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Student<br>Role(s)]]
| [[Image:XZEGG.jpg|100px|thumb|Name: Jake<br>R&D scientist]]

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Name: James
Open PCR machine engineer
Name: Heidi Hall
Open PCR machine engineer
Name: Justin Landstrom Student
Protocol Planner
Name: Chaio
Protocol Planner
Name: Jake
R&D scientist


Thermal Cycler Engineering

Our re-design is based upon the Open PCR system originally designed by Josh Perfetto and Tito Jankowski.

System Design
The two parts below that will be removed are the the knob and the bolt attached to it. These parts are present on the lid as a tightening mechanism but will be removed to improve the design. On the side of the picture are the two heating plates present in the lid. To compensate for removing the tightening mechanism, the plates will be lowered to make contact with the samples in the heating block at the point the lid snaps into place. Group12pic1.PNG

Below is the top part of the general body of the PCR machine. It will be altered so buttons can be placed next to the LED screen.


Key Features




Components of PCR Master Mix

Supplied in the Kit Amount
PCR Machine (assembled) 1
Power Cord 1
Flourimeter Box 1
Flourimeter 1
Hydrophobic Slides 5

PCR Protocol

DNA Measurement Protocol

Research and Development

Background on Disease Markers

Primer Design