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Lab 5: “Fluorescence Detection of DNA”

  • Background Information
  • Procedure
  • Data Analysis

HW: Lab Report 5 (due 04/16/14-Wed Section, 04/17/14-Thurs Section through OpenWetWare)

Grading Scheme:
8 points – Overall layout: Our Team section, grammar, style
14 points – Background Information: SYBR Green I dye, single-drop fluorimeter, fluorescence technique
14 points – Procedure: camera settings, calibration & solutions used for calibration, placing samples onto the fluorimeter
14 points – Data Analysis: representative images of samples, Image J values for all samples, fitting a straight line, NEW - PCR results summary, click here for instructions
50 points – Peer Assessment

Lab 5 Rubric

Important Information About Grading: Any images that are copy-pasted from the BME 100 workbook, from another group's Wiki page, or from the internet* will count as plagiarism and will received zero credit. *Internet images (that are NOT from another group's Wiki report) may be used as long as the source is properly cited. Wiki pages are time-stamped after each "save". Only the version of your page that was saved by the deadline will be graded. Any changes made after the deadline will be ignored.


Look for your Group's lab report link in the list of links on the right. If it is red instead of blue, do not click on it!

If the link is red, type the name of your Group's lab report link exactly as shown in the following text field and click the Create Page button.

This should open up an Edit page that is pre-populated with a lab report template code.

<createbox> preload=Template:ASUBME103_s2014_L5 prefix=BME100_s2014: width=25 buttonlabel=Create Page </createbox>

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