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Wellesley College BISC 219 Genetics

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Paper 1:

Paper 2:

Paper 3: Scientific Paper on Plant Genetic Engineering
This paper is worth 65 points.

  1. This paper is a full paper and should be written in the form of a scientific research report. See the instructions at the beginning of the lab manual and on previous handouts if you are unsure of what that means.
  2. In addition to a narrative that describes and points to the major findings, the results section should include figures and tables created from the course data. Your figures and/or tables should be presented in any order that you feel is appropriate.
  3. Please double space all sections except the abstract. The references should be single spaced but double spaced between sources. Use CSE name/year format for citing sources.
  4. Although you may discuss the experiment with your fellow students, analyze data, and create draft figures collaboratively, the final version of the paper is to be done independently.
  5. There is an automatic 5% /day late penalty. Papers are not generally accepted for point credit one week after the due date. Keep in mind that all major assignments (including this paper) must be submitted for course credit. Electronic submissions are not accepted unless your lab instructor has pre-approved that format.