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Graded Assignments

Lab Due Assignment
Point Value
(Total 200)
Every Week Pre-Lab Quiz - Complete the pre-lab quiz prior to coming to lab each week. The pre-lab quiz will be available 3 days before lab and closes at the start of lab each week. No late quizzes are allowed and there are no make-ups. 20
1- 2
By Sept 9: Complete entry assessment (2.5pts); Before the beginning of Lab 2: Submit preliminary cross results by the end of the third day after lab 1 (1 pt);Summarize Series 1 experimental question & experimental design; Diagram crosses using template provided; Explain data interpretation (9 pts). This assignment is described at: BISC219/F13: Assignment_1_Lab1 12.5
Lab 3 Read Background information on your Series 2 Forward Genetics Project at Forward Genetics Project Outline. Submit statement of Series 2 overall experimental question & goals. Write a CONCISE narrative summary of the investigation. Diagram the expected results (genotype and phenotype) for the crosses in the Linkage Testing work. Use only part (through Linkage 2) of the Project 2 cross template provided. (The Mapping part of the template will be completed later). Include a narrative description of the linkage testing experimental design and explain what you will look for in the results and why. Find a rubric and more information about this assignment at: Assignment Series 2 Summary & Linkage Testing Description. 10
Lab 4
Results Section BISC219/F13: Assignment Help- Data Analysis 1
Autosomal vs. Sex linked inheritance
Lab 5 Explain complementation analysis in general and then explain specifically how you will use it in this investigation. Draw out the crosses that you set up using the templates provided. Assignment information and rubric found at: BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series2_Complementation 10
Lab 6 Diagram the expected results (genotype and phenotype)for the crosses and self-fertilization progeny in the Mapping work that you will do over the next several weeks by completing the templates provided. Make sure you highlight the progeny that will be used to continue each step of the process. Assignment information and rubric found at: BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series2_Mapping Crosses. 5
Lab 7 Analyze your mutant gene's DNA sequence using the instructions that you can download from Lab 6. Construct a Results and Discussion section, WITH A FIGURE, for this analysis. Assignment information and rubric found at: BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series2_DNA Sequencing 10
Lab 9 Scientific Research Report on Series2 work Classical (Forward) Genetics. Assignment information found at BISC219/F13: Assignment_ Series2_Classical Genetics Paper
Lab 10 Answer questions fully explaining concepts associated with Project 3. Questions and guidance for answering them found at Series 3 Theory Questions 25
Last Day of Classes

Tues. Dec.10

Construct figures/tables with properly formatted legends to illustrate the main findings of your Series3 project to be included in a narrative results section describing your goals, findings and conclusions. Assignment information found at BISC219/F13: Assignment_Series3_Reverse Genetics using RNAi 30
Other Exit Assessment participation. See Sakai Announcement for link and for instructions on how to receive your survey completion points (2.5). 2.5