BISC219/F12: RNAi Lab 11

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Lab 11 - Writing Workshop

Links to Labs& Project Info

Worm Info
Lab 1: Worm Boot Camp & Sex-Linked or Autosomal Start
Lab 2: Sex-Linked or Autosomal Finale
Background: Classical Forward Genetics and Gene Mapping
Lab 2: Mutant Hunt
Lab 3: Linkage Test Part 1
Lab 4: Linkage Test Part 2, Mapping and Complementation
Lab 5: Finish Complementation; Mapping Continued
Lab 6: DNA sequence analysis; Mapping Continued
Lab 7: Complete Mapping: Score
Background Information on Project 3: Investigating Gene Regulation Using RNAi
Media Recipes
Lab 7: Identifying a bacterial colony containing our plasmid of interest
Lab 8: Creating the feeding strain of bacteria for RNAi
Lab 9: Induction of feeding strain to produce dsRNA and feeding worms
Lab 10: Phenotypic analysis of treated vs untreated worms
Lab 11: Writing Workshop
Lab 12: Writing Conferences