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(New page: {{Template:BISC219/F11}} <div style="padding: 10px; width: 720px; border: 5px solid #6600CC;"> ==BISC219 Genetics Fall 2010== '''Lecturers:''' Andrea Sequeira (AS) & Andrew Webb (ACW)<br>...)
(BISC219 Genetics Fall 2010)
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'''Tucker Crum''': Office SC395; office phone x3122; email: tcrum@wellesley.edu<br>
'''Tucker Crum''': Office SC395; office phone x3122; email: tcrum@wellesley.edu<br>
Office Hours: By arrangement<br><br>
Office Hours: by arrangement<br><br>
'''''': <br>
'''''': <br>

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BISC219 Genetics Fall 2010

Lecturers: Andrea Sequeira (AS) & Andrew Webb (ACW)
Lab Instructors: Melissa Beers, Tucker Crum and Andrea Sequeira
Lab Prep : Padma Kannabiran
Study Group Leader/ Course Peer Mentor:

Contact Info:
Andrea Sequeira: Office 354 ; office phone x3376; email: asequeir@wellesley.edu
Office Hours:

Drew Webb: Office SC252; office phone X3115; email: dwebb@wellesley.edu
Office Hours:

Melissa Beers: Office L014; office phone X3521; email: mbeers@wellesley.edu
Office Hours: by arrangement

Tucker Crum: Office SC395; office phone x3122; email: tcrum@wellesley.edu
Office Hours: by arrangement

Group review and help sessions: TBA.

Lectures: Tuesdays & Fridays 11:10-12:20, Lecture Room
Labs: E301: Mon. 1:30-5 Crum; Tues. 12:30-4 Beers; Wed. 2:15-5:45 Crum; Thurs. 1-4:30 Beers; Fri. 1-4:30 Sequeira

Reference material for labs: The lab manual is published electronically at: http://openwetware.org/wiki/BISC219/F11
Additional lab resource material is posted to the Sakai Lab site.

Grading: Assessment Points
Lecture Exam I
Lecture Exam II
Problem Sets- Sect. I   
Problem- Sect. II   
Final Exam
Lab Grade 200