BISC209/S12: Lab11

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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2012


Lab 11: Science Writing Workshop II

Today we will work during lab time on Science Writing. The room where we will have this workshop is TBA.

Your research report on your semester project is due in your lab instructor's office by 4pm on your lab day April 24 or April 25. Please make sure there is an electronic copy of your paper uploaded to your folder in your Lab's Drop Box in Sakai by that time. The electronic copy is required in addition to a required hard copy that must be submitted to your instructor per her instructions.

More information about the final paper can be found at: Assignment: Assignment: Final Paper. A grading rubric is posted to the Rubrics folder in the Resources section of your lab Sakai site.


Your Lab Notebook is Due at the beginning of LAB 12. A grading rubric is posted to the Rubrics folder in the Resources section of your lab Sakai site. Your lab instructor will grade your notebook and let you know by email when you can pick it up from outside her office.

Group Presentation LAB 12. Consult the instructions in LAB12 | Group Presentation for more information. In LAB 12, your soil sampling group teams will prepare and present a group presentation of 20-30 minutes that is worth 25 points based on the assessment of the class and your instructor of the poster and the presentation's quality. However, you will also be assessing the quality and level of participation of your peers for a potential loss of no more than 10 individual points from the 25 point total. This individual grade is determined by the consensus of your group members on each member's contribution. The contribution grade includes the data collection, data analysis, and the preparation of the poster and presentation. Grading rubrics will be provided. You will also be provided with links and handouts of helpful information about oral presentations. There is a folder in SAKAI: RESOURCES: Group Presentation with useful information. The Resources section of the wiki contains a tip sheet prepared by the PLTC oral presentation peer-tutors about how to give an effective oral presentation. We will not do these presentations in the lab but in a room TBA. Please make sure that you email to yourself before lab time an attachment with the visual component of your presentation done in Powerpoint. Doing that will ensure that you have access to your presentation on the computer in the presentation room. Download a copy to your dropbox in the lab Sakai site.