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(Links to Labs)
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==Links to Labs==
==Links to Labs==
[[BISC209/S11:BootCamp | Lab 1 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab1 | Lab 1 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab2 | Lab 2 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab2 | Lab 2 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab3 | Lab 3 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab3 | Lab 3 ]]<br>
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[[BISC209/S11: Lab10 | Lab 10 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab10 | Lab 10 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab11 | Lab11 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S11: Lab11 | Lab11 ]]<br>
[[BISC209: Lab12 | Lab 12 ]]<br>
[[BISC209/S12: Lab12 | Lab 12 ]]<br>

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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2011


Lab Basics

  • Familiarize yourself with basic lab techniques such as serial dilutions.

Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook

  • How to maintain a good lab notebook.

Guidelines for oral presentations

  • How to give a good oral presentation.

Guidlines for science writing

  • How to write about your lab work as a scientific paper.

Guidelines for finding & citing sources

  • How to use the Wellesley Library's electronic databases to find sources including Bergey's Manuals and The Prokaryotes:
    • Link to Library Information for BISC209/S11: Library Information
    • Springer has a new interface for electronic access to the e-book form of The Prokaryotes at | http://0-beta.springerlink.com.luna.wellesley.edu. This new interface appears to have all of the content of all 7 volumes of The Prokaryotes. The interface also allow you to simultaneously search all of the volumes easily. Note that if you type "Prokaryotes" in the publication field you will get all the entries from The Prokaryotes as well as all of the entries from another reference work called Structural and Functional Relationships in Prokaryotes. If you type "The Prokaryotes" in the publication field you get only entries from The Prokaryotes. Once you've filled out the publication field you can enter keywords in the search box above to search. You can also browse all of the content alphabetically.
    • The Springer interface described above for accessing The Prokaryotes can also be used to access Bergey's Manuals or you can use this link to the Wellesley library's electronic edition of | Bergey's Manuals.
  • How to use Endnote Reference Management System to cite sources in any format
    • Link to Wellesley College Library Instructions for using EndNote Reference Management tool at

http://www.wellesley.edu/Computing/Endnote/endnote.html or download instructions here: Media:Endnote.doc

Links to Labs

Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Lab 4
Lab 5
Lab 6
Lab 7
Lab 8
Lab 9
Lab 10
Lab 12