BISC110/S13: Series 1 Lab 5 Fig Design Scientific Writing

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Wellesley College

BISC110/112- Introduction to Cell Biology- Spring 2013

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Series 1 Lab 5 Scientific Writing and Effective Figure Design

You and your three partners will present your phagocytosis data from your self-designed experiment. The presentations will be held in a classroom other than the lab. Your instructor will let you know in advance where to meet. Please prepare your presentation in PowerPoint® and email your presentation to yourself or upload to Sakai so you can access it on the computer in the classroom.


1. Write a partial paper (introduction, results, and references sections) based on your experiments. Due at the start of Lab 6. You will not receive any extra credit for including other paper sections. Consult the BISC110/S13:Resources section of the Lab wiki to find helpful guidelines for writing scientific papers in this course. It will also be helpful to review your notes from the writing workshop. Your instructor may provide additional instructions regarding this assignment. Note that there are Science Writing peer-tutors available for scheduled assistance through the Writing Program and the PLTC. More information about scheduling a session with a writing tutor is available through the Writing Program's web site at: Wellesley College Writing Program Resources.

For your Results section, present the results from all of the experiments that you performed in Lab 4. Your results section should include at least two figures/tables. At least one figure should be a composite of Tetrahymena photographs (images that you took with the digital cameras). In addition, you should include and at least one graph or table showing means +/- standard deviation (not raw data). Each figure/table should be incorporated into the report just after you introduce it in the narrative form of the results.

Your instructor will return your assignment as soon as possible with comments and a grade. The rubric for this partial paper can be found on your Sakai site.

All assignments must be submitted according to your instructor's directions. There is a penalty for late work and no credit is given for work more than a week overdue. This assignment must be done individually.

2. Before coming to the next lab, read all the material in Lab 6 of Series 2, Genetics, read pages 320-321 and 678-864 in your Alberts text and, in your lab notebook, prepare a brief flow chart of the experimental procedures that you will perform in Lab 6.