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Wellesley College BISC110/112 Introduction to Cell Biology
Fall 2010

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Series 1- Scientific Investigation/Behavior in Tetrahymena

In this series of four weeks of experiments you will learn:

  1. How to think, work, and write as scientists
  2. To use basic scientific equipment and techniques
  3. To make careful, unbiased observations that lead to hypothesis driven investigation
  4. To design controlled experiments to answer questions that come from observations
  5. To collect, analyze, and show data in effective figures
  6. To make and articulate conclusions from experimental results
  7. To write intelligibly in scientific research report format about your investigation and its conclusions, including the significance or implications of your findings

Lab 1: Boot Camp
Lab 2: Scientific Investigation in Tetrahymena I
Lab 3: Dilutions & Scientific Investigation in Tetrahymena II
Lab 4: Variable Testing in Tetrahymena
Lab 5: Scientific Writing & Effective Figure Design