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BIOL398-03: Biomathematical Modeling

MATH 388-01: Survey of Biomathematics

Loyola Marymount University

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This journal entry is due on Friday, April 19 at midnight PDT (Thursday night/Friday morning). NOTE new due date and that the server records the time as Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Therefore, midnight will register as 03:00.

Individual Journal Assignment

  • Store this journal entry as "username Week 13" (i.e., this is the text to place between the square brackets when you link to this page).
  • Create the following set of links. (HINT: you can do all of this easily by adding them to your template and then using the template on your pages.)
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    • Don't forget to add the "BIOL398-03/S13" category to the end of your wiki page.


  • Open the estimation_driver script in matlab and run it.
  • Paste the graphs of the individual genes into a powerpoint presentation.
  • Upload your powerpoint to openwetware.

Shared Journal Assignment

  • Store your journal entry in the shared Class Journal Week 13 page. If this page does not exist yet, go ahead and create it (congratulations on getting in first :) )
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  • Add the "BIOL398-03/S13" category to the end of the wiki page (if someone has not already done so).


Look over the excel workbook input file.

  • How might you change the network to add more genes/transcription factors?
  • How might you run a computer experiment to examine the deletion of a gene?

Return to the chemostat.

  • In concept, without worrying about creating matlab code, how might you use the least squares technique to get parameters from the ter Schure et al experiments?