BIOL398-03/S13:Class Journal Week 5

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Laura Terada Week 5 Journal

Laura Terada


  1. What was the purpose of this assignment?
    • The purpose of this assignment was to familiarize ourselves with the different databases available in regards to genes and their pathways. Secondly, this assignment allowed us to better understand the pathway we have been discussing in class.
  2. Which of the three databases did you like the most? Why?
    • I liked the second database, SGD, because I found it to be the easiest to navigate through. I liked how the pathway diagrams showed the input and outputs in comparison to KEGG and Reactome that used symbols/legends. There were also different levels of detail, which is another aspect that I liked. Lastly, the summary section of each gene page was helpful.
  3. Which of the three databases did you like the least? Why?
    • My least favorite database was Reactome because its pathways were difficult to go through. It was difficult to search for pathways/reactions with specific enzymes.

Laura Terada 14:57, 14 February 2013 (EST)