BIOL398-03/S13:Class Journal Week 2

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Week 2 questions

Read and Reflect

  • What distinction does Lander draw between modeling to "discover new knowledge" and modeling for "understanding"?
    • Lander clearly favors modeling with the purpose of understanding, and comments on how it is seen as trivial when compared to the discovery of new knowledge. While discovery of new knowledge is finding bits and pieces of information accepted as "facts", truly understanding includes taking those facts and connecting them to other knowledge (the metaphor of the hairball, the nodes would be facts while the edges are understanding).
  • Which point of view resonates with you more?
    • I find that I get more out of understanding then I do out of straight facts. Knowing the facts is great, but without the anchor of understanding, facts will quickly exit one's memory. I know this from experience. I remember biological processes much better when I actually understand them for example, I really understand the Krebbs cycle because I can draw it out and explain every part of it, not just because I have memorized the diagram.

Kevin Matthew McKay 22:39, 23 January 2013 (EST)