BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 3

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Kristoffer Chin

Salomon Garcia

Angela Garibaldi

Alex George

J'aime Moehlman

KP Ramirez

Michael Piña

Janelle N. Ruiz

Bobak Seddighzadeh

  1. What was the purpose of this assignment?

The purpose of this assignment was self explore different methods of discovering research articles for the purpose of gaining experience and comfort in finding research articles that may be pertinent to our research or this class.

  1. What did I learn from this assignment (head, hands, heart)?

I became more comfortable with using PubMed and furthermore I learned about another website that hosts a database of research called ISI Web of Knowledge. I also learned that articles in certain databases will have an ID number that I can reference on my wiki page, and it'll link me directly to the page. What did I not understand (yet) about this assignment? The assignment is very clear

Amanda Wavrin

Ryan Willhite