BIOL398-01/S10:Class Journal Week 12

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Salomon Garcia

  1. The purpose of the assignment was to familiarize ourselves with the data gathered by van de Mortel et al. With there data we are to analyze the data in a way that has been showed to us by Dr. Dahlquist using Microsoft Excel.
  2. From this assignment I learned how to reuse some of the applications of excel and learned how to manipulate columns of data with a touch of button and inserting several formulas in order to come up with the data required for us to move forward.
  3. The only thing that I'm still a bit confused was if we are to do the log based function for all of the data acquired. Thus far that's what I've done to it.

(Salomon Garcia Valencia 23:35, 18 April 2010 (EDT))

Angela Garibaldi

Alex George

J'aime Moehlman

  1. The purpose of this assignment was to change the raw data we were given into the genMAPP formatted version and the sclaed versions that we will be using this week. We analyzed the formatted data by using excel.
  2. This weeks assignment really gave me a chance to learn how to use excel. Parts of it were a little bit frustrating because I'm not very good at using excel other than for very basic functions, but I think that I did get a hang of it once I started.
  3. My concern for this weeks assignment has to do with the fact that I don't think I found the proper data, because while using the template on what to do, it said we should have about 261 genes and I only found 5. Also, I'm not sure what the Tstat columns were used for.

J'aime C. Moehlman 00:53, 19 April 2010 (EDT) Week 12 Assignment

KP Ramirez

  1. The purpose of this assignment was to prepare our raw data into the formatted and scaled versions that would be used for next weeks GenMAPP program. This was different for me because I have never used Afymetrix data, so it was different to get used to what was already given and what was missing.
  2. This week allowed me to work with Excel again and format columns that were not specified to our data and create new ones. We redid some columns with a log base 2 as well as added the system code column and began formatting.
  3. I did have a couple of questions this week. I wasn't sure what columns would be used to do the Tstat as well as Pvalues.

KP Ramirez 7:14 am April 18 Individual week 12

Michael Piña

Janelle N. Ruiz

Bobak Seddighzadeh

Amanda Wavrin

Ryan Willhite

Kristoffer Chin

  1. The purpose of this assignment was to help us understand the data that we are working with with the DNA Microarray. It helps organize the data and understand the meaning of the numbers that are given to us in the XLS files. WE are also able to understand what the researched are actually looking at and which are significants
  2. I was able to practice my excel skills again. It helped me learn a little bit more on excel and the capabilities it has on data
  3. I am still having problem in reading the data in some ways. I am also having a problem on how I should be organizing the data so that it can be easily understandable. I need to find some kind of organization pattern that can easily be read.

BIOL398-01/S10:Week 12

Kristoffer Chin: Week 12