BIOL368/F11:Class Journal Week 6

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Robert W Arnold

  1. I would be interested in playing this game because I enjoy problem solving. Also, it was for a good cause. I think it is awesome to see that gamers were able to figure something out that has stumped some brilliant researchers and scientists for a long time. This certainly gives some credibility to gamers.
  2. Of course. I think interactive learning is one of the best ways to learn material. I believe when you are actively involved with the subject you will learn and retain the most information. In this case, with protein structure, you are able to play a game that helps you understand the basics and then takes you up to the complete levels of protein folding. I think this could be a great tool for students.

Robert W Arnold 19:04, 5 October 2011 (EDT)

Zeb Russo

  • I would be interested in playing the protein structure game simply because I like video games and I like biology and it would be an interesting way to combine my two interests.
  • They probably could help someone learn about protein structure, but I would hope that the tutorial is really good because I feel like the learning curve for this game would be very steep.

Zeb Russo 18:26, 5 October 2011 (EDT)