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BIOL1220: Synthetic Biological Systems in Theory and Practice


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This is where course materials such as syllabi, powerpoints, and handouts will be placed. Please organize materials by type and date and include the name if it is a presentation.


Handouts go here


- Media:QIAprep_Miniprep_Handbook.pdf


- Personalized Medicine, Lily and James: Media:Personalized_Medicine.ppt
- Fluorescence and Reporter Genes, James and Joshua: Media:Fluorescence_Reporter_Genes.pptx 
- Antibiotics, Ethan and Ben: Media:Antibiotics.pptx
- DNA Transfection, Tim and Lily: Media:Transfection_Presentation-1.pptx
- Plasmids Presentation, Will and Jen:Media:Plasmids.ppt
- PCR, Julius and Shubha: Media:SYNBIO PRES - PCR.ppt

Topics in Synbio Presentations:

- Transcription Factors, Tim: Media:Synthetic_transcription_factors.pptx
- Synthetic Vaccine Development, Julius: Media:Synthetic_Vaccines_presentation.ppt‎

- Link to Will's Presentation on Synthetic Antibodies

- Proteomics, Josh: Media:Proteomics Slides.ppt