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BIOL1220: Synthetic Biological Systems in Theory and Practice


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Genetically modified lettuce

  • Transposons
  • Done in Japan, multiple places
  • Add whey protein, p1025 to fight cavities, etc
  • (Carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, petunias, cabbage?)

Bacterial Shampoo / Soap

  • Flourescent / Colorful

Induce an entire colony to retract together

  • How?

Square Bacteria

Cholesterol / Saturated Fats Scarfing or Digestion

  • Modify E-Coli so that it produces either
  1. Enzymes that digest Cholesterol or Saturated Fats to something healthier, or
  2. Proteins that bind to Cholesterol or Saturated Fats so that they can't be absorbed

Induced cancer-based guided evolution

  • I was not there for the discussion of this, so someone else should fill this in.
  • However, I did find something called Ti, or a tumor inducing plasmid. The article can be found here.
  • Plasmid that can induce cancer, causing mutations
  • Select for those that most strongly express desired mechanism
  • Alternative to PCR-induced guided mutation