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Visiting Committee Visit Planning '08

Main Topics:

Faculty Size/Curriculum

    • Increase number of electives
      • From Survey:
      • Statistics Class focused on Biology
      • Tissue Engineering
      • Graduate Lab Technique class:Imaging,Biochemistry,Basic Biology
      • Cellular,Physiological,Organ level biology
      • Genetics
      • Metabolics
      • Mathematical modeling
      • Ethics

Advisor Selection Process

  • First year funding is critical, need for more fellowships?
  • Working for two advisors - one in BE, one not

Research Areas

What research areas lacking?

  • Synthetic Biology
  • From 2006 survey:
    • Strengthen core subjects already emphasized
    • Neuroscience
    • Metabolic engineering
    • Energy/Environment
    • Epigenomics
    • Immunology


    • Currently de-centralized,lack of collaborations?,social interactions?
      • Labs in the Biology Building can definitely feel isolated from department
    • Tech Square people generally happy over there, would not necessarily want to move
    • Not enough space for new faculty

BE Department Staff

    • Compared to other engineering departments, less staff; asking them to wear a lot of hats
    • minimal web site activity, low student input, other departments seem to do more self-promotion (related to staff issue)
      • BE: 7, ChemE: at least 9, EECS: at least 9
      • ChemE has dedicated Web Site developer, Communications/Events people
      • EECS has Alumni Relations


    • Current grads are finding jobs, but new web portal might offer more help
    • How to attract recruiters - currently Merck actively recruits, but few others
    • Alumni contacts/database?

Undergraduate Effects

    • Increase in number of semesters as TA?

Visiting Committee Meeting 2006

Notes from previous Visiting Committee Meeting - have these issues been addressed significantly?