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{{Template:Undergrad BE Board}}
{{Template:Undergrad BE Board}}
<div style="padding: 10px; width: 720px; border: 5px solid #2D9258;">
<div style="padding: 10px; width: 720px; border: 5px solid #2D9258;">
[[BE_Board:October TGIF|10/26/2007 - October TGIF: Sam Adams Brewery Tour]]<br>
[[BE_Board:T-Shirt Study Break|3/17/2008 - T-Shirt Study Break: St. Patrick's Day Theme]]<br>
[[BE_Board:September TGIF|09/21/2007 - September TGIF: Pool at Flat Top Johnny's]]<br>
[[BE_Board:August TGIF|07/20/2007 - July TGIF: BBQ & Sailing on the Charles]]<br>
[[BE_Board:June TGIF|06/01/2007 - June TGIF: Pizza @ the R&D Pub sponsored by Schering-Plough]]<br>
[[BE_Board:January TGIF|01/19/2007 - January TGIF: Wine Tasting]]<br>
[[BE_Board:BE Holiday Party 2006|12/14/2006 - BE Holiday Party]]<br>
[[BE_Board:board_photo_0506|BE Board 2005-06]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG071705|07/17/05 - Softball & BBQ]]<br>
[[BE Board:BE Graduation 2005|06/02/05 - Party & Hood Ceremony]]<br>
[[BE Board:SB celebration 2005|04/26/05 - BE SB Celebration & BMES and BME Minor 10th Anniversary]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG042605|04/22/05 - TGIF "Sailing with Prof. Drew Endy and captains Barry Canton, Nate Tedford & Ben Zeskind"]]<br>
[[BE Board:BE Retreat 2005|03/22/05 - BE Retreat in Portland, ME]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG031805|03/18/05 - TGIF "Street & Roller Hockey" with Profs. Matt Lang & David Schauer]]<br>
[[BE Board:BE Recruitment 2005|03/12/05 - BE Recruitment Weekend Poster Session]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG022805|02/28/05 - TGIM "Board Games"]]<br>
[[BE Board:BE Holiday Part 2004|12/16/04 - BE Holiday Party]]<br>
[[BE Board:October Social 2004|10/28/04 - October Social Lunch]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG092404|09/24/04 - TGIF "Pool at Flat Top Johnny's"]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG051204|05/21/04 - TGIF "Kung Fu Night with Prof. Kim Hamad-Schifferli"]]<br>
[[BE Board:BE Retreat 2004|03/21/04 - BE Retreat in Newport, RI]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG031204|03/12/04 - TGIF "Hockey with Profs. Roger Kamm & Matt Lang"]]<br>
[[BE Board:BE Holiday Party 2003|12/11/03 - BE Holiday Part]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG121103|12/05/03 - TGIF "Sam Adams Brewery Tour with Prof. Alan Grodzinsky"]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG110703|11/07/03 - TGIF "Rumba dancing with Prof. Drew Endy"]]<br>
[[BE Board:TG101003|10/10/03 - TGIF "Poker night with Prof. James Sherley"]]<br>
If you have additional picture from BE events, please contact [[User:Robin Prince|Robin Prince]]
If you have additional picture from BE events, please contact [[User:Maryelise Cieslewicz|Maryelise Cieslewicz]]

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3/17/2008 - T-Shirt Study Break: St. Patrick's Day Theme

If you have additional picture from BE events, please contact Maryelise Cieslewicz