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==<font color=#2D9258>BE Board Archives</font>==
*[[BE_Board:Archives | Archives]]

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For current website see begradboard.mit.edu

BEBoard0708.jpg 2007-2008 Board: (Back row: Jamie Spangler, Sonia Timberlake, Scott Carlson, Robbie Barbero, Chris Pirie, Ta Hang, Shan Wu, Venky Soundararajan, Luke Robinson. Front row: Rachel Miller, Lorenna Lee-Houghton, Ranjani Krishnan, Alice Lo, Robin Prince.)

BE Board Members 2011 - 2012

Position People E-mail
Student Board Coordinators Rebecca Adams & Aaron Meyer be-coordinators
Secretary Carrie Thompson be-secretary
Treasurer Melissa Hanson be-treasurer
Academic Representatives Vivian Hecht, Marcus Parrish be-academic
Social Chairs Jennifer Brophy , Nina Lee, Jennifer Wilson be-social
Athletic Chairs Deepak Mishra be-athletic
Diversity Representative Anthony Soltis be-diversity
Lounge Representative Jeff Wagner be-lounge
Community Service Chair Bridget Wall be-community
GSC Representative Michelle Sukup Jackson, Leila Pirhaji be-gsc
First-year Representative TBD be-1strep

BE Board Archives