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Mission Statement

Organize and advertise intramural sporting activities to the BE community.

Sports equipment

The BE sports equipment is free for use by any member of BE. When not in use, the equipment is stored in a locker in the basement computer lab of building 26. If you would like to use any of the equipment, please email to get the locker combination.

Current inventory -

1 tennis racket
3 softball gloves
2 softballs
2 softball bats
1 soccer ball
2 volleyballs
8 packs of hockey tape

Assorted board games: Sorry, Scrabble, Monopoly, Twister, Life, Clue, Risk, cards & poker chips

Team rosters & schedules - Fall '07



Roster (need 4 for a team)
Rachel Miller
Augusto Tentori (maybe)
Jeff Wagner
To join team contact:



Nick Marcantonio
Barry Canton
Ty Thomson
Kirk Maurer
Eugene Antipov
Brian Belmont
Edgar Sanchez
Bracken King
HD Kim (maybe)
Robbie Barbero
Augusto Tentori (maybe)
Ainsley Davis
Jon Behr
Stephen Sazinsky
Jeff Wagner
Mike Schmidt
Steve Kottman
Captain: Ty Thomson
To join team contact:


A League Roster (need 7 per league)
Hide Saito-Benz (A)
Bracken King (A)
Michel Godin (A)
David Weingeist (A)
Chester Drum (A)
Ricardo Valerdi (A)
Lawrence David (A)
Christina _____ (A)
Luke Robinson (A)

B League Roster (need 7 per league)
James Mutamba (B)
Luke Robinson (A or B)
Mikhail Shapiro (A or B)
Prabhani Atukorale (A or B)
Lorenna Lee-Houghton (B)
Dan Darling (B)
Aran Parillo (B)
Eddie Eltoukhy (B)
Jon Behr (C)

Captains: James Mutamba (B) and Hide Saito-Benz (A)
To join team contact:



Roster (need 12 for a team)
Amy Nichols (B/B+)
Barry Canton (B/B+)
Brian Belmont (B)
Edgar Sanchez (B)
Lorenna Lee-Houghton
HD Kim (C)
Eric Elmquist (A)
Marcio von Muhlen (A or B)
Robbie Barbero (A or B)
Chris Pirie
Yuriy Alekseyev
Augusto Tentori
Jon Behr (B)
Andy Wijaya
Ale Wolf Yadlin
Mike Schmidt
Romie Littrell
Captain: Robbie Barbero
To join team contact:


To join team contact:


Roster (need 8 for a team)
Brian Belmont
Melody Morris
Augusto Tentori (maybe)
Jeff Wagner
Captain: To join team contact:

Team rosters & schedules - Spring '07


Info: A league team
Captain: Lauren Frick

Lauren Frick
Joshua Apgar
Jeffrey Povelaites
Yuri Alekseyev
James Apgar
Werner Olipitz
Rickard Sandberg
Laure-Anne Ventouras
Johanna Varner


Info: Likely a competitive A/B team and recreational B/C team

Roster - A/B team
Captain - Andrew Koo
Ricardo Brau
Robbie Barbero
Christopher Pirie
Jon Behr
Ben Cosgrove
Cameron Wheeler
Eric Krauland
Andrew Koo
Ty Thomson
Victor Lelyveld
Nick Marcantonio

Roster - B/C team
HD Kim
Brian Cook
Rachel Miller
Amy Nichols
Jamie Spangler
Megan McBee
Sonia Timberlake

Ultimate Frisbee

Info: Likely a C league time
Captain: Shan Wu

HD Kim
Shan Wu
Ta-Chun Hang
Scott Carlson
Jon Behr
David Weingeist
Amy Nichols
Romie Littrell
Luke Robinson
Johanna Varner
Sri Kosuri

Team rosters & schedules - Fall '06


Info: B league team

Roster (need 4 for a team)
David Appleyard (dapple)
Brian Cook (cookb) B-league
Nidhi Shrivastav (nidhis) A
Alex Sheh (alexsheh)
Megan McBee (memcbee)
Abhinav Arneja (abhinav)
Ta-Chun Hang (tachun)
John Aldridge
Rachel Miller (remiller)
Rickard Sandberg (sandberg)
Captain: Dave
To join team contact:


Info: Likely a B league team

Bracken King (bking) A-league
Ricardo Brau (yayo) A/B
Ty Thomson (tmt) B
Jon Behr (jbehr) B
Rouz Taghizadeh (rouzbeh) A/B
HD Kim (hyungdo) C
Eric Krauland (eric_k) A/B
Ben Cosgrove (bcosgrov) B
Nate Tedford (ntedford)
Eugene Antipov (antipov)
Ainsley Davis (mitgator)
Mike Schmidt (mms)
Nick Marcantonio (nam)
Kirk Maurer (kmaurer)
Steven Kottman (kottmast)
Barry Canton (bcanton)
Robbie Barbero (barbero)
Stephen Sazinsky (ssazinsk)
Captain: Kirk
To join team contact:


Roster (need 7 per league)
A (most likely)

Hide Saito-Benz (hide) A
Mike Godin (godin) A/B
Lawrence David (ldavid)
Bracken King (bking) A
David Weingeist (dmw555)
Ricardo Valerdi (rvalerdi)
Sonia Ti