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This page is meant to be a repository for internal info useful only to board members and to ensure an easy transition to a new board. Most is relevant only to the coordinators. Sean 11:58, 23 August 2006 (EDT)

Website, wiki, e-mail lists

The lists (all at can be administered through Moira Athena list management (requires certificates).

  • "beboard" reaches everyone on the board and is self-owned.
  • "bestudents" reaches all graduate students, as well as Dalia and Mariann. If using "bestudents", make sure to send also to "be-mengstudents" so the M.Eng. students are not left out. The M.Eng'ers are on "be-list" along with faculty and staff. Use grave caution in sending to this list.
  • Each position has its own generic e-mail list, which is self-owned, so when the transition happens, the old officer should add the new officer(s) and then take themselves off the list.
  • Events can be added and edited on the Google calendar "MIT BE Board". Log in to the Google calendar account with the beboard e-mail and "calendar".

Room reservations

56-614: Mariann in the BE need to grab keys from the office before they close around 4:45.

56-3XX: JoAnn Sorrento

56-4XX: I think it's Amy, but JoAnn is generally really nice about helping you figure it out.

Stata: someone from Tidor lab

Tech Square: Olga

Association of Student Activities (ASA)

ASA database site

The listed president (one of the co-coordinators) will be able to click the Student Group Officer Access link that will take you to the ASA BE Board web page and allow you to make modifications. MIT personal certificates are required.

The rest of the world will have to search all the student groups for Biological Engineering. Click on the link and you will get a summary of the group page. The treasurer and room reservation signatories (social chairs) also need to be listed.

Every year the "president" should sign and submit the hazing policy form on the website and distribute the hazing law at the first meeting of the year.

Here is an e-mail from ASA:

>The database contains the following information about your group:
>The Athena locker:      beboard
>The officer's e-mail list :    beboard
>The general e-mail list :      beboard
>Lastly, this e-mail has been cc'd to  That address
>reaches the staff of the Student Activities Finances Office who will
>help you setup the group's main account and funding account, as well
>as provide you with help to obtain advanced payments or reimbursements
>for your group's need.
>We also direct your attention to the resources available to you through
>the Student Activities staff in W20-549. As part of the Student Life
>Program office, the Student Activities staff is available
>to provide event-planning assistance, advice on organizational issues,
>leadership development opportunities, and information about campus
>resources.  Please feel free to drop by and further acquaint yourself
>with the office and staff.
>The ASA Executive Board