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Current Projects 2011-2012

Welcome to the BE Board Community Service Wiki! Please email Bridget Wall, at with your suggestions.

The BE Board will be sponsoring several Community Service events this year, including building DNA legos, collaborations with the Charles River Conservancy, and acting as a partner in the Annual Cambridge Science Festival.

Past Events

DNA Legos

We helped glue and assemble lego-based tRNA molecules for lego kits to be sent to the Boston Community Leadership Academy (

Thank you to those that volunteered: Lorenna Buck, Yvonne Yamanaka, Ethan Sokol, Nate Schafheimer, Xiaosai Yao, Sarah Schrier, Bill Hesse.

BE+ bio grad st LEGO 4-20-11.JPG BE + bio grad st LEGO table 2 4-20-11.JPG

Please check out a video of the tRNA in action:

Cambridge Science Festival,

BE helped the Center for Environmental Health Sciences [1] run a booth on DNA damage using both UV beads and the DNA Lego kits.

Thanks to those that volunteering: Bryan Owens, Ethan Sokol, Nate Schafheimer,and Xiaosai Yao.

For more information please visit their website:

Christmas in the City: It was a huge success. Thank you to everyone in BE that helped purchase a toy!

Here are some links on the coverage of the event:

More information about Christmas in the City can be found at |

Thank you! Lisa--Your BE Board Community Service Chair.