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This is a calendar of events of interest to students in BE.  Please add any events that you (or others) may find interesting.
==Upcoming Months==
==Relevant calendars==
*[http://web.mit.edu/toxms/www/dbe/bats_speakers.htm BATS]
*[http://web.mit.edu/be/news/seminars.htm Biological Engineering Seminars]
*[http://web.mit.edu/beboard/ISS.html Biological Engineering Industrial Seminar Series]
*[http://mit.edu/biology/www/biology/colloquium.html Biology Colloquium]
*[http://www.csail.mit.edu/events/eventcalendar/calendar.php CSAIL events]
*[http://web.mit.edu/registrar/www/calendar.html MIT Academic Calendar]
*[http://web.mit.edu/chemistry/www/news/biological.html MIT Biological Chemistry seminar series]
*[http://csbi.mit.edu/events/seminarseries/2004_2005 CSBi seminar series]
[[May 2005]]<br>
[[June 2005]]<br>
[[July 2005]]<br>
[[BE Board:October & November 2005|October & November 2005]]<br>
==Editing this page==
Just click on any date to add an event.<br>
The months displayed are updated automatically.<br>

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