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Welcome to the BE Board's <wikionly>wiki</wikionly><nonwikionly>website.</nonwikionly>. We represent the graduate students of Biological Engineering at MIT. From here, you can find out what we do and what's happening now. <wikionly>As a wiki, you can add content, post pictures from events, participate in discussions, etc. To do so, you need an OpenWetWare account--to get one, see this page to sign up. If you are unfamiliar with editing a wiki, check out this getting started tutorial. The site has a parallel dewikified version at</wikionly> <nonwikionly>This website is based on a wiki that can be found here. If you are a BE student and have an OpenWetWare account, you can edit that wiki.</nonwikionly>


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Recent Announcements

Goals of the BE Board

  • Represent graduate student views and interests to the faculty and the Institute.
  • Take appropriate actions to ensure graduate student views and interests are respected by the department.
  • Maintain and improve graduate student life within the department.
  • Act as liaisons between the graduate students, the undergraduates, the faculty, administration, and the Institute.
  • Promote the unification of the department through social events, academics, and outreach.