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Preparation of Lipid Films

The purpose of this protocol was to prepare lipid films for use in future experiments.


Materials below provided by Dr. J. Cannon.

  • CHCl3
  • MeOH
  • Lipid solution
  • Vial


  1. Add 6mL CHCl3 and 2mL MeOH for a total of 8mL of 3:1 CHCl3:MeOH.
  2. Take 2.5mL of CHCl3/MeOH solution and add it to the lipid solution in the vial (will have 2 vials total).
  3. Use 1mL of lipid/CHCl3/MeOH solution and place it in a 4mL vial (should have 5 vials total).
  4. Dry the vials using a roto-evaporator.
  5. Place vial in a desicator overnight to thoroughly dry.
  6. Store vials in freeze for future use.