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Principal Investigator

Audrey Atkin.gif

Audrey L. Atkin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Graduate Students

Krista Patefield
School of Biological Sciences, UNL Ph.D. program

Jessica Teixeira
School of Biological Sciences, UNL M.S. program

Undergraduate Students

Atkin mem 4.jpg

Research projects are available for undergraduate students who are willing to commit to making research their top priority after their courses. Interested students please contact Dr. Atkin by email. You should explain: (1) what you find interesting about the research done in the Atkin lab, and (2) your long term goals.


Former Graduate Students (updates on your current status are welcome!!)
Christina Shields, M.S. 2000. Transgenic, Omaha NE
Ryan Bell, M.S. 2000.
Rachel Taylor, M.S. 2002. Diagnostic Products Corporation, Flanders, NJ
Bessie Kebaara, Ph.D. 2002. Assistant Professor, Baylor University.
Ann Hou, M.S. 2004. Biosite Inc., San Diego, CA
Melanie Langford, Ph.D. 2010
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Former Undergraduate Students

Alumni 2.gif
Tara Nazarenus (formerly Hewitt), Research Technician

Natasha Mohlman, Medicine
Rebecca Cederberg, Research Techician
Elena Prieto
Vita Vock, Ph.D. Neuroscience 2007 from the University of Texas at Austin. Now the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs at George Mason University
Heather Jacobson, Medicine
Kristopher Abrahamson
Aaron Epps, Bioengineering
Amanda Forch, Pharmacy
Alexis Haifley, Medicine
Ashley Jones, Medicine
Kate Stoysich
Jaspreet Kaur, Dentistry
Audrey Tapprich, Physiotherapy
Joseph Cheatle, Medicine
Jenny Heim, Medicine
Marcus Kotalik
Rena Yamanaka
Rachel Uhrenholdt
Samuel Erb, M.S. University of Nebraska Medical Center
Kingsley Okafor, Medicine
Chris Cummings, MD/Ph.D. Student at the University of Colorado
Rachel Gubbels
Akim Faisal, REU Summer 2009. B.S. Chemical Engineering with a minor in Nuclear Physics, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY, May 2011. Currently enrolled in a Masters in Mechanical Engineering Program with a focus on computational modeling of fluids (Non Newtonian Flow).
Narmin Tahirova, UCARE, 2009-2010
Benjamin Kotopka, REU Summer 2010, Molecular Biology major, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Jeff Bunker, MD/Ph.D. Student at University of Chicago
Elizabeth Marta, REU Summer 2011, Biochemistry major, American River Community College in Sacramento California
Rachel Woita