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[[Image: Pathway.jpeg]]
[[Image: SPathway.jpg]]

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Survey of Biomathematics



Ashley Rhoades

Saccharomyces Genome Database

  • GDH2 has human homologs of GLUD1 and GLUD2. Deficiencies in these have been linked to hyperinsulinism-hyperammonemia syndrome and several neurological disorders.
  • GDH1 expression is regulated by carbon sources of either ethanol or glucose and is high in the presence of these.
  • GDH2 expression is regulated by sequence elements in the promoter. There are two upstream activation sites and then there are upstream repression sites. The activation or repression of these depends on the nitrogen conditions.
  • GDH3 expression is induced by ethanol and repressed by glucose.
  • GLT1 expression is dependent on how much nitrogen and glutamate is available
  • GLN1!!!!!!!!!!
  • Parameters
  • L-glutamate



  • genes
  • enzymes