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Keeping track of construction files

You'll be doing lots of cloning--so much so that you probably won't remember how you made any particular constructs 6 months from now. It is therefore imperative that you keep some sort of log that shows what you've made and how you made it. It doesn't really matter how you do it, but here are some suggestions:

The basic construction file

You've already been introduced to the basic construction file in the tutorial which looked like this:

 Construction of KanR Basic Part Bca9128
 PCR ca1067F/R on pSB1AK3-b0015           (1055bp, EcoRI/SpeI/DpnI)
 Sub into pSB1A2-I13521                   (EcoRI/SpeI, 2062+946, L)
 Product is pSB1A2-Bca9128  [KanR]
 ca1067F  Forward Biobricking of KanR of pSB1AK3  ccagtGAATTCgtccTCTAGAgagctgatccttcaactc
 ca1067R  Reverse Biobricking of KanR of pSB1AK3  gcagtACTAGTtccgtcaagtcagcgtaatg

Always do something like this if you do anything fancy with your cloning like SOEing, restriction site removal, fill ins, blunting, etc. Basically, if it isn't just a PCR, cut, and paste, do this style.

The worksheet-style construction file

Biobrick calculator spreadsheets