Antibody:32-4800 mouse monoclonal PTBP1

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anti PTBP1 32-4800 Invitrogen (Zymed)
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Antibody Type  mouse monoclonal
Target UniProt ID  PTBP1_HUMAN
Cross-Reactive w  mouse, rat
Not Cross-Reactive w  ?
Raised Against  human, recombinant, full-length PTBP1
Provider  Invitrogen (formerly Zymed)
Suitability for..
Western Blot  worked
Immunoprecipitation  worked
Staining fixed cells   worked
Staining cryo-sections  worked
Staining paraffin sections  untested

Comparison immunofluorescence of several Ptbp1 antibodies

Comparison of immunofluorescence on mouse pancreatic islet cryosections. Invitrogen/Zymed Ptbp1 antibody bottom right. Similar IF quality to Lifespan (top left). Much better than other 2 antibodies.

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