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Understanding Your Training Requirements

  • If you will be doing bench work in the lab please select one of the following to learn about your training requirements:
    • I am new to labwork at MIT.
    • I have previously worked in Parsons Lab as a UROP, rotation student, post-doc, technician, graduate student.
    • I have previously worked in a different department/building at MIT as a UROP, rotation student, post-doc, technician, etc. (MIT classes don't count).
  • If your work in the lab is strictly computational (involves no benchwork) then please see the training requirements for Innocent Bystanders.
  • If you do not feel that you fit into any of these categories please see Sean for assistance.

Links to Specific Training Modules

After reading about the training you are personally required to take (see above section), you may follow the links below to directly access the instructions related to a specific training module.

Other Safety Links