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(Master Spreadsheet)
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===Master Spreadsheet===
*So far master spreadsheet can be found [[Media:MasterSpreadsheet.xls | here]].
*[[Media:Alex_Robert_Zeb_MasterSpreadSheet_20111130_CA.xls|Master Spread Sheet]]

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  • Today we are looking at our data sets and seeing which ones were used in the microarray.
  • Going back to last weeks lab and answering questions.

Data Sets

Array Data Sets

From Methods Section of Microarray

  1. What samples did they collect and use for the microarray experiment?
    • Three biological replicates of control culture and ranalexin. A total of six arrays for analysis were obtained.
  2. How many microarray chips did they hybridize in the experiment?
    • 2
  3. Which samples were paired to hybridize on the chip?
    • Ranalexin (A1) and MRSA-252(A2). MRSA-252(A1) and Ranalexin(A2).
  4. Which was labeled red (Cy5)? Which was labeled green (Cy3)?
    • Ranalexin (A1) and MRSA-252(A2) was labeled red (Cy5).
    • Ranalexin (A2) and MRSA-252(A1) was labeled green (Cy3).
  5. How many replicates did they perform of each type?
    • They performed 2 technical replicates of each type.
  6. Arrary data file names found below
    • Ranalexin (A1) - MBAD_12054.txt
    • Ranalexin (A2) - MBAD_12061.txt
    • MRSA-252 (A1) - MBAD_12055.txt
    • MRSA-252 (A2) - MBAD_12060.txt
  7. Spreadsheet can be found in the link above.