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This page is for brainstorming ideas about plot, characters, imagery and anything else related to the Adventures in Synthetic Biology comic series. Add whatever you like; all useful contributions will be used / acknowledged.

General Ideas
  • Depict challenge of making a new part. say something about how f*$king hard synthetic biology is right now
  • Revisit societal issues
  • Expand cultural and morphological diversity of characters
  • Explain biology to engineers (the previous comic seemed to assume some knowledge of biology and explained engineering concepts) --RS
  • How about some stuff from the point of view of the bacteria blob? There could be 2 points of view: one that they are quickly getting new functionality that they would never have had (so happy bacteria), and one that all they want to do is survive, not blink (depict a microbial scale conflict between the synthetic biologist and the living world). --Austin
  • Explain the technology at the foundation of synthetic biology, esp. DNA synthesis. --Austin
  • Bring in some real applications that exist now, for example making drugs. Whereas previously pharmas could do this, we're getting to the point people can do this at home. --Austin
  • Introduce a synthetic biology skeptic character. It'd make for some interesting dialogue. --Austin