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Welcome to web page of Abhishek Tiwari

Welcome to my OpenWetWare page.

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Conferences and Events In News

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14 January 2008 Poster submission due

You can get more information about upcoming Confrences and Events related to Computaional Biology

Top Hits

Applications of Workflow technology in Cheminformatics ,Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery

Data Pipelining.jpg

Workflow technology is a mechanism to integrate data, application and services. Workflow technology enables scientist to dynamically construct their own research protocol for scientific analytics and decision making by connecting various resources and software applications together in an innovative way. Workflow technology is being increasingly applied in discovery informatics to organize and analyze data. SciTegic's Pipeline Pilot is a one of the chemically intelligent implementation of a workflow technology known as data pipelining. It allows scientists to construct and execute workflows using components that encapsulate many cheminformatics based algorithms. Workflow technology is generic so analytics work flow can be built for any areas like gene expression analysis, sequence analysis, proteomics, system biology and so on. Workflow technology provides an interface where software from different vendors can assemble according to scientific requirement. Read More

Chemical Informatics or Cheminformatics Toolkits

"Any idiot can stand up and say that virtual screening doesn't work. It takes real brains to show how to improve it!" - Mark McGann

Currently a lot of toolkits (Daylight Toolkit, Chemaxon Toolkit, OpenEye Toolkit, MOE SVL, Accord, CDK, JOELib etc) are available from different vendors and organization. Most of them are equally good but choice may vary based on user prospective. I will try to give a summarized overview of some commonly used Chemical Informatics Toolkits. For academics user Chemaxon JChem (which is free for academic user) and Open Source Toolkits like CDK and JOELib will be a better choice. If your budget permits then you can use Daylight, Accord , OpenEye, MOE SVL or any other depending on your needs but Chemaxon and MOE are low budget high quality options. Read More

Bioinformatics Toolkits

As compared to Chemistry and Chemoinformatics where a lot of commercial as well as open source toolkits are available Bioinformatics has very few options. Most of toolkits are specialized in Sequence manipulations and Databases access related and they are not very diverse. Some major toolkits are Geneious API,BioPerl API,BioJava API,BioPython API, Bioconductor, Mathworks Bioinformatics Toolbox,MBT,NCBI Toolkit and many more. At this moment none of these toolkits are complete and mostly they have some specialized applications. Read More

Hot Computational Biology Papers

Hot Computational Biology Papers is one of the most highlighted sections of my Open Wetware page. Section provides synopsis and comments on the selected article related to computaional biology. Readers are also invited to comment and modify the section.

Using SOAP/WSDL to access the Biological/Bioinformatics Databases

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) (http://www.w3.org/TR/soap) based Web Services technology (http://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl) has gained much attention as an open standard enabling interoperability among applications across heterogeneous architectures and different networks. When large amounts of data need to be retrieved and analysed, this often proves to be tedious and impractical. Today, biological databases are large collections of data that are relatively difficult to maintain outside the centres and institutions that produce them. These data are traditionally accessed using browser-based World Wide Web interfaces. Read More

Spotfire based Analytic Solutions for Life Sciences Informatics

The Spotfire Enterprise Analytics platform offers a radically faster business intelligence experience and is far more adaptable to specific industry and business challenges than traditional alternatives. Read More

Visual Programming Series

VDP Workflow.png

Learn what visual programming is and how to use different freely available tools for visual programming in Computational Biology and Chemistry. Read More

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