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|[[User:Noah_Benjamin/|Noah Benjamin]]
|[[User:Noah_Benjamin/|Noah Benjamin]]
|[[User:Noah_Benjamin/Notebook/Advanced Experimental Chemistry: Fun Times in Beeghly| Noah's Notebook]]
|[[IGEM:American University/2009/Notebook/Advanced Experimental Chemistry: Fun Times in Beeghly/Entry Base| Noah's Notebook]]

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Experimental Chemistry Members 2012-2013

Name Lab Notebook Title
Matt Hartings Dr. Hartings' Notebook Faculty
Abigail Miller Dr. Miller's Notebook Faculty
Douglas Fox Dr. Fox's CHEM581 Notebook Faculty
Stefano Constanzi Dr. Constanzi's Notebook Faculty
Elizabeth Ghias Elizabeth's Notebook Student
Noah Benjamin Noah's Notebook Student
Samiye Yaman Samiye's Notebook Student
Klare Lazor Klare's Notebook Student
Mobeen Ashraf Mobeen's Notebook Student